Travertine is a sedimentary rock with extensive deposits found in Tivoli, Italy.
Travertine is a porous finish with numerous cavities making it a very unique
finish for texturing concrete. Proline's high quality texture mats can give you
the look of this beautiful natural resource in a fraction of the cost. The Italians
say "Il tempo e denoro" or "time is money". Why pay a high cost for imported
stone, when Proline has replicated the same look with an easy to install
application. Additionally, concrete is more durable, holds up to any
conditions, and can be colored to your tailored needs.
Seamless Travertine
All Proline skins are made of the highest grade urethane in a unique process that resuls in highly durable stamping tools. Proline tools are carefully hand-built and represent a life-like stone and texture. As an applicator, you will appreciate how light and easy our mats are to use.
Click Here For Detailed Photo
Click Here For Detailed Photo
Stamp Sizes & Prices
20" x 20" - $50.00
36" x 36" - $129.00
48" x 48" - $258.00
60" x 60" - $332.00

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