FAQ on Multi-Purpose Acrylic Wax
Why do I have to seal my concrete?
Sealing the concrete preserves the color from efflorescence which gives
has to be sealed!

How much sealer do I need to seal my concrete?
About 1 gallon of sealer for every 200 sq. feet or one five gallon pail for
1000 sq. feet will give you two to three thin coats as recommended.
What is the difference between water based and solvent based sealers
and which should I use?
Basically the solvent based sealer stinks for two or three days and
generally shouldn't be used inside occupied premises. The water based
sealer has much less odor for a few hours and applies in a milky white
form, drying to clear. Both provide durable finishes and have easy more
durable option.

How long does the sealer last?
In most outdoor applications, the sealer will maintain the color for 2 to 4
years. Amount of direct sunlight and weather conditions, de icing agents
etc are important factors in determining length between seals. The seal
coat is virtually the only maintenance decorative concrete requires, and
is very easy and inexpensive to apply and maintain, costing
considerably less to maintain than the average lawn. Indoors, by
properly maintaining a wax coat, the sealer will not need to be replaced.
(See below how to maintain indoor sealed surfaces.)

How many coats do I need to apply?
We recommend two to three thin coats( if North/South first coat, East
/West second to avoid streaks). This allows for faster curing and
smoother, better appearance.

How should I apply the sealer and what should I use to apply
You can spray, roll or apply with a wax or sealer applicator. We
recommend the wax applicator method for solvent based sealers and a
roller for water based, with a thin smooth nap. Spraying the sealer can
cause it to be applied too thickly, and we only recommend spraying be
done by those experienced with spraying the product. For spraying you
may need to thin the product with xylene.

What can I do to maintain the sealer and the new glossy finish
A thin water based acrylic wax is the key to preserving the new look of
indoor decorative concrete. Depending on the amount of foot traffic,
once or twice a year is enough for most residential applications. For
those desiring higher sheens, or those having large pets and other floor
intense situations, you may want to max three or four times a year.
These wax products can be applied with a sponge mop in thin coats to
create a sacrificial barrier and preserve the seal coat and color