Decorative Concrete Floors Private Label Acid Stain
$48.00/Gallon - Sold in 4 Gallon Containers
Please see the link for our Private Label Acid Stain Color Chart below.
One gallon will cover approximately 200 to 400 sq. feet at full strength,
or may be diluted up to 20-1 for lighter colors that will yield greater
coverage rates.
This color guide is designed to show a representation of colors and is
not a guarantee that the final color will be an exact match. Color effects
produced will vary when applied over stampable overlays,
microtoppings, and integrally pigmented substrates, and may differ
from colors shown in chart. Colors produced will rely heavily on skill,
practice and experimentation as each concrete slab will react
differently. Application methods and age of the concrete will result in
different tones or hues and in the case of very old concrete, the stain
may have little or no reaction. Test sections should be done to verify the