Seamless Italian Slate
Both property owners and architects love Proline's textured mats for walled edges to make sure every detail of the job will look like the real thing. All texture mats are manufactured with tear-proof handles and are formulated with the perfect mix of stiffness and durability.
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Click Here For Detailed Photo
Stamp Sizes & Prices
20" x 20" - $50.00
36" x 36" - $129.00
48" x 48" - $258.00
60" x 60" - $332.00

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Seamless Italian Slate
"Avere un bell'aspetto" in Italian means to make beautiful- and that’s exactly
what our Seamless Italian Slate will do to any area of your home or
workplace. Our manufacturer has replicated the stunning look of Italian Slate
with the endurance of concrete. Seamless texures continue to be a favorite
among customers due to the ease and quickness of installation, the durability
and low cost of concrete, the clean look with less grout lines and it's overall