Color Hardener Information
* Formulated with only quality ingredients for a denser, more durable
* Blended in a carefully monitored process for maximum consistency.

One 60 pound bucket covers about 100 square feet, but lighter colors
may require a rate of 100 pounds per 100 square feet.

Color Hardener is a colored dry-shake hardener that is broadcast by
hand over the top of freshly placed concrete and worked in with a wood
float to form a dense, colored concrete 'skin' on the slab surface.
Dry-shake color hardener is best applied to a concrete slab containing
no more than a 4 inch slump and between a 5 and 6 sack per cubic yard
cement content. This product is compatible with most admixtures, but
screeding and floating the new concrete just as the bleed water is
coming to the slab surface. It should be broadcast by hand as uniformly
as possible and then worked in with a wood float. Start with the edges
first then work in toward the middle when broadcasting and floating.
Most colors will go on with two shakes, or coats, followed by touch up
but lighter colors my require three shakes. If the surface is to be
textured, then a light troweling is recommended. Over-troweling will
discolor the concrete. For a textured 'antique' look, a light hardener
color should be paired with a darker Antique Release and Texture Mats
for stamping. It is always recommended that a representative jobsite
sample be done to test the look of the color and texture combinations.
Sealing And Maintenance:
A quality sealer is recommended to protect the newly textured or
colored concrete surface. The concrete must be cleaned and thoroughly
sealer and reapply as necessary.

Keep out of reach of children. Before using or handling, read the
Material Safety Data Sheet and Warranty. Do not take internally. Avoid
contact with skin and eyes. Use only with a NIOSH approved respirator
when using these products.

This product is not intended for public use and is intended for use by
licensed contractors and installers who are experienced and trained in
the use of these products. It is warranted to be of uniform quality, within
manufacturing tolerances. The manufacturer has no control over the use
of this product, therefore no warranty, expressed or implied, is or can be
made either as to the affects or results of such use. In any case, the
manufacturer's obligations shall be limited to refunding the purchase
price or replacement of product.