The term Bluestone is also used for the rugged texture pattern without the
work or maintenance of grout lines. This mountainous and weathered texture
makes a bold statement. Proline was the innovator of the seamless texture
skins, made to overlap each other for a simple application. For easy
installation, all Seamless Texture mats come with handles.
Seamless Blue Stone
All Proline skins are made of the highest grade urethane in a unique process that resuls in highly durable stamping tools. Proline tools are carefully hand-built and represent a life-like stone and texture. As an applicator, you will appreciate how light and easy our mats are to use.
Click Here For Detailed Photo
Click Here For Detailed Photo
Stamp Sizes & Prices
20" x 20" - $50.00
36" x 36" - $129.00
48" x 48" - $258.00
60" x 60" - $332.00

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