Enviro Stains

We are pleased to announce our new line of Enviro Stains.

Enviro Stains are a unique line of waterbased, non-acid polumer bonded stains that penetrate into the concrete surface to produce vibrant long lasting UV resistant stains that enhance any concrete surface.  They contain no arsenic, lead, or mercury and very low organic solvents that conform to all VOC regulations.

The Enviro-Stains can be applied to any clean, cured concrete or concrete overlay. Once dried and sealed, the various colors that are applied become a permanent part of the concrete with lasting beauty.

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New Acid Stains

We at Decorative Concrete Floors Supply are pleased to announce our new line of Acid Stains.

Acid Stains are a line of double strength inorganic, acid based stains that react with the concrete as they penetrate deep into the surface to produce vibrant colors resembling nature’s mineral colors and hues with the permanence of nature’s minerals.

Acid Stains are unique vibrant concrete stains specially formulated to produce brillant colors that are not available by any other process. The brillant results are striking and dramatic. The acid stains react with the concrete surface to penetrate and bond with the concrete for  a permanent deep bonded stain, and do not require any neutralization. These acid stains are UV stable. They will not fade or change color in direct sunlight, making them ideal for interiors or exterior use.

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We are Running a Photo Contest

We are running  a Contest! Take a Photo of yourself  with our Website, Logo or Slogan ( I make Mud look Good!!!) and E-mail us at decorativeconcretefloors@yahoo.com.

Points will be given to each entry. The more daring and original the photo the more point you will get!  Contest runs for two months and first prize is 50.00 dollars.  We are looking forward to seeing them!

Here are some examples

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What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is a form of decorative concrete. Concrete is cast-in-place, integrally colored and then stamped with rubber stamps textured to transform flat concrete to look like anything from brick, natural stone, tile, slate, or even wood.

Base color is achieved through the use of integral color pigments in the concrete. The EZ – Tique antiquing wash  is applied to the top of the concrete after the stamping is completed and is used to bring out the surface detail of the stamped concrete and also allows for a second accent color that defines recessed areas and grout lines. Highlighting colors can also be used to further alter the concrete to achieve the desired look. There are endless integral color, release agent and highlighting color combinations.

After the concrete has hardened the control joints are cut and two coats of acrylic sealer are applied to showcase the finished product.

 Stamped concrete is an innovative and architectually pleasing way to install a longer lasting patio, pool deck or walkway. Check out the endless ways to transform traditional  concrete into something amazing at decorativeconcretefloors.net

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A brand new space to write about Decorative Concrete

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I just wanted to point your attention to our new blog! We’re very excited to have a brand new space to write about Decorative Concrete projects, our favorite stamps and acid stains, and all the other fun we get to have. Here at our blog you will find information about our products along with detailed information on how to apply them to your project.

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