Belgium Slate
Belgium is known for it's fabrication of captivating Slate. The ability of
stamped concrete to resemble natural building materials makes stamped
concrete a less expensive alternative. Proline can bring Europe to your home
with less cost, functionality, durability and in a portion of the time. Belgium
Slate is for the lover of natural stone in it's element. Enshrouded with nature's
crevices and veins, this pattern is a fine replication, making for an "earthy"
Seamless Belgium Slate
Both property owners and architects love Proline's textured mats for walled edges to make sure every detail of the job will look like the real thing. All texture mats are manufactured with tear-proof handles and are formulated with the perfect mix of stiffness and durability.
Click Here For Detailed Photo
Click Here For Detailed Photo
Stamp Sizes & Prices
20" x 20" - $50.00
36" x 36" - $129.00
48" x 48" - $258.00
60" x 60" - $332.00

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